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A place to visit

It is in the heart of Libourne, rue Thiers, that a glass and black lacquered steel door opens onto the entrance hall, paved with black and white sandstone. In this 19th century house taken over by Laurence Pustetto, a whole artistic and aesthetic universe is taking shape, enhanced by a staging of meticulously chosen works, objects and furniture. The gallery is spread over two floors, and reveals by small touches the sources of inspiration of its host, his sensitivity, and his vision of art where their different influences dialogue.

The Maison Galerie Laurence Pustetto wants to be a place of generosity and requirement, a place of exchange and sharing, of welcome and emotion, which is enriched over the seasons, with artistic, musical and literary events. or taste. Between discoveries and aesthetic emotions, this Maison Galerie is erected so that encounters between collectors and artists continue, in order to promote their dissemination. Well beyond the need to adapt to the dematerialized art market, Laurence Pustetto, defends the materiality of the work of art to live, giving an interiority and an emotion.


Since its opening in 2020, the gallery has been part of a dynamic dedicated to anchoring this unique place in Gironde, by establishing partnerships with local actors. In a broader perspective, the Maison Galerie is preparing its participation in contemporary art fairs, essential showcases for defending artists. 


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