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textile designer


"  Morgane Baroghel-Crucq creates surfaces in which we walk. She weaves metal and with it light. Its surfaces, alternately organized or organic, immediately catch the eye, bouncing light around textures. She crisscrosses the oxidations of metal, its rigidities or its suppleness... Her creations become hives of gold, folds that could be that of a garment, a rock, a wave, expanses that evoke desert stalls or dunes where the wind would have shelled the shades of the brilliance of its sands . -Laurence Pustetto


I imagine an ambitious quest which, far from being satisfied with meeting objects, would strive to bring together the most remarkable manifestations of the elementary, anonymous, irresponsible forces which, intertwined, make up the living.

- Roger Caillois, Reading the Stones ​

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Selection  of works 

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