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Earth. Mother Earth, of our imaginary continents, of our inhabited continents.

For the first time, the Maison Galerie is part of a partnership with the Philosophia festival, addressing the subject at the heart of life: the EARTH. Since Greek antiquity, there has been a permanent dialogue between art, aesthetics and philosophy. To echo this theme and the work of the philosopher Gilles A.Tiberghien, guest of honor at the Philosophia 2022 festival, the Maison Galerie invites three artists, three Gaïas, each of whom, in a unique way, questions this earth.


Claire Roger works with matter. Using a unique technique in ceramics, a know-how of her own, she dyes the clay in the mass then by cutting and assembling, she creates volumes with abstract graphics, whose patterns take shape to tell us magnificent epics.


Cristine Guinamand plunges us into an imaginary world that is both marvelous and dangerous. His monumental canvases painted in oil deliver a vegetable and animal universe immersed in the depths of time, our fears and our fascinations. There is something very primitive and very sophisticated at the same time in his work. Invisible forces clash there, the power of the world and its complexity are palpable there.

Karinka Szabo-Detchart has been asking us for years about the relationship between Man and his habitat on a planet that we engulf more than we inhabit. The artist depicts human waste fossilized in concrete; fossils of our time, a " probability of archeology of the future ". His photo-montages mixing vegetal universe and architectural perspectives assemble two antithetical worlds, which feed this same question. However, the aestheticism that emerges makes our perception strangely cruel. From the first traces of life on earth, to the two continents of plastic that man has succeeded in creating in less than 100 years, the works of Karinka Szabo-Detchart truly invite us to reflect.

Aesthetics is a powerful component in the works of these three women. Their unique perspectives complement each other amazingly, to offer all the beauty that the earth inspires and generously gives. The dialogue with philosophy goes without saying. »  

-Laurence Pustetto

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