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"  After a year of announcements, rumours, television and radio stagings, skilfully orchestrated or suffered dramaturgies of the crisis we have just gone through and which, in many respects, marks our time, the Comédies Humaines exhibition seemed An evidence. However it is not a question of a political statement but to show through the work of five artists, their vision of our sometimes dramatic, pathetic, ordinary, fantasized or real comedies! These artists also tell us of our desire to escape it through representation, like a catharsis of our condition.  -Laurence Pustetto

Marc Petit gives us his macabre dance from the Divine Comedy with his characters of power in disinheritance, tired of playing, alone, already dead in their souls.


Lucie Geffré's characters hide endlessly, from us, from themselves, behind a mask of absent presence, their gaze turned inward. They don't surrender. They pose but even languid, they don't give up. Everything is mastery, false abandonment. That's why they bother us, that's why Lucie leaves gaps, unfilled places.

Véronique Pastor's fantasies literally blur our roles in the dying dreams of communion with nature that she presents. His characters seem hurt, they don't even play anymore.


In his small theater of the world, Jérôme Gelés, with the help of recycled materials and objects diverted from everyday life, builds the animated rafts of our theaters of war, pollution, exploitation, abandonment of ourselves and paradoxically discoveries. Since becoming a visual artist, this young artist has continued to show us our obscurantisms, our planetary wars, our profound cruelty. There is, however, a form of beauty and poetry in his work, which is disturbing.  


Guillaume Couffignal offers spaces for play, wandering where we can choose to exist or get lost. Its barely sketched out bronze theaters, its staircases that lead to the void, everything is there to suggest that we live in these scenes of all our dreams.

"  Art is a clever stratagem, a clever staging to lead us towards our realities, unvarnished, beautiful and monstrous, fascinating and repulsive. I've said it before, but that's why I love artists who transcend reality, alert us, open our eyes or close them. Magicians of our human comedies, such is our fantastic condition, that of creation because we are infinitely alive and free, thanks to them.  -Laurence Pustetto

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