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Vibrations of colors, vibrations of lines, vibrations in which Barbara Kwasniewska and Dominique Babinet are part.  These two artists, one a painter and the other a sculptor, began their careers in the post-war years, an artistically very rich period in Europe during which many foreigners arrived in Paris to take a very important part in this unprecedented artistic scene. .


Barbara Kwasniewska, from Poland, is one of them. The galleries hold exhibitions of a new kind, presenting the works of Nicolas de Staël, Jean Dubuffet, Pierre Soulages and many others, provoking passionate debates. Abstraction and its different expressions are now part of this fashionable universe, whose plastic components follow an innovative gestural writing. Thus was born lyrical abstraction. Barbara Kwasniewska is immediately associated with it, compared to Miró, Zaou Wou-Ki or even Dubuffet.


At the same time, Dominique Babinet is affiliated with formal abstraction through his thread sculptures, like drawings in volume, whose lines multiply.


"  Although their works and their expressions are extremely different, they resonate. For Barbara Kwasniewska, color, movement and matter are life. With each look, a new detail to discover, a wild freedom that we try to coax. Dominique Babinet's sculptures find a balance in an oscillation between heaven and earth. Works  light and lively, moving in the air.  Both, through their art, tell us stories, declaim poems and make us vibrate by referring us to our own emotions, with a modernity that does not change.  -Laurence Pustetto

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