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My meeting with Barbara Kwasniewska is linked to Dominique Babinet Thirty years ago. I only discovered much later who this woman was: a very great painter whose career, interrupted much too soon, leaves behind a work that is powerful, magical, sensual, vibrant with material, colors and movement. She was compared to the greatest: Miró, Dubuffet, Matisse, Zao Wou-Ki.

Welcoming his works at the Maison Galerie is a great honor. Discovering and rediscovering this immense talent is a great adventure.  -Laurence Pustetto

Seduction is [...] the primary virtue of this sensual art. And this sensuality takes us into a somewhat mysterious world, a world of fires and sparkles, of dew dazzled by the sun, magic. I know of little art that does not catch the eye as much as Kwasniewska's. Never is a painting uncovered, never totally violated its mystery... There is always a detail, a space forgotten during the previous visions which calls everything into question. Surprisingly alive spaces, sometimes even furiously alive [...]. And to the pleasure of the eyes is added that of reliefs and hollows where the fingers would like to get lost...

- François Portelette, Art Historian ​

Selection  of works 

If you are interested in this artist, contact us to receive the catalog of works  !

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