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The creative studio

L'Atelier is also the fruit of an obvious fact: the decisive encounter between Laurence Pustetto and Anne Charrin. Associated in a relationship that was built gradually, naturally, these are two contrasting and complementary generations who stage volumes and materials in constantly reinvented universes. Laurence's transdisciplinary experience and Anne's technical know-how come together in a curiosity, creativity and sense of precision that they shared from their first collaboration in 2010.


The Pustetto workshop, led by Laurence Pustetto and her partner Anne Charrin,  is a creative studio specializing in the design of spaces at different scales (exhibition scenography, private interior architecture, retail architecture and set design). 
A  signed furniture collection  Pustetto workshop designed in partnership with craftsmen  is under study with  perspective  of a future in situ exhibition at the Maison Galerie.

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